Karina Jambrak

Tava A4


Sydney-born Artist and Designer Karina Jambrak, captures vast landscapes in all their beauty, evoking feelings of optimism and freedom. Karina's works are inspired by an untouched land; A mesmerising oasis home to exotic animals, peacefully roaming amongst lush plains. The temperature is pleasantly balmy and when the golden sun sets, the richly coloured sky is filled with infinite stars. It is a paradise where nature’s palette is vivid and there is an abundance of life.

All of Karina Jambrak's works are hand drawn illustrations. They are Giclee printed on 100% textured cotton rag, 310gsm museum grade fine art paper. (OBA - FREE with no optical brighteners.) Artworks are printed in a small printing studio on the east coast of Australia using the highest quality materials in small quantities to prevent waste.

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